Project Veritas, whose founder, James O’Keefe, describes himself as a “guerrilla journalist” is back, this time targeting CNN.

He built up the release on social media with an “#ExposeCNN” hashtag, and Monday published the first segment of what is billed as a multi-part series.

Undercover recordings made by an alleged ‘whistleblower’ capture CNN employees casually confirming the network’s anti-Trump bias and show company president Jeff Zucker telling top news executives to focus solely on impeachment even at the expense of other important news according to Project Veritas.

Project Vertias, a conservative group, has in the past released other zingers but the general public has been rather ho-hum about their findings.

In this day and age, some will probably cheer on CNN for it’s alleged efforts.

Expect  to see other pieces released over the course of the week.

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