Monday we told you how Memphis anchor Nina Harrelson had a message for the latest body-shaming bozo with access to a keyboard.

Her story went viral, attracting the attention of the Networks.

Harrelson, was out reporting on Sunday when an elderly man called her name.

“I waved and said hi,” Harrelson told TODAY Style. Seeing his smile, Harrelson was expecting the stranger to say something about the show. Instead, she said the man, who was relaxing in a lawn chair, exclaimed, “You look mighty big on TV!”

“I would be lying if I said it didn’t sting,” said Harrelson, who works for WREG, a CBS-affiliated station. “There are so many women in my industry who look like Victoria’s Secret supermodels. It can be tough to be a normal-sized woman.”

Well, after thousands of emails in her support, and countless likes on social media, we suspect perhaps the elderly gentleman should be her agent.

His comment propelled her into media orbit and Monday she posted a thanks for all her supporters.

It’ll be interesting to see what job offers may come her way, and yes, shame on the older gentleman.

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