You remember the “tv dress” don’t you?

The $23 schmatta hit the airwaves like a hurricane about 5 years ago as a way for budget-strapped tv newswomen stretch their wardrobe dollars in an age when station management was backing away from providing clothing allowances.

And it looked good – professional, mature and appropriate, unlike some of the cocktail dresses we’ve lately seen turning up all too often on local airwaves.

Yeah, we’re cranky sometimes and this is one of our pet peeves.

But could the “tv dress” be getting replaced?

If NY1 anchor Jamie Stelter has her way, the answer is “yes”.

After she returned from her latest maternity leave, Stelter opted for….get ready….a pantsuit.

Stelter would like the tv dress to go the way of the dodo bird and be replaced by pantsuits.

She even posted about it on Instagram:

“Eventually I had this wardrobe of dresses that I only wore a couple hours a day and then never wanted to put on my body to go out or do anything else in my life because it just wasn’t me — it was some kind of costume I would put on for work,” she says. “They say authenticity wins in TV and everything else about me is the same on and off the air, [so] why isn’t my wardrobe?”

We’re OK with it.

Just dispense with the evening wear that some are showing up in – especially in the mornings.

It looks like you just came in to work after a night out.

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