Sasha Pezenik

It’s never a good thing when your name is trending as part of “#fire______,” but that’s the twidicament in which ABC News reporter Sasha Pezenik found herself over the weekend.  

It seems Pezenik sent a tweet into the universe regarding a story about Joe Biden that turned out to be debunked rather quickly.  Say it ain’t so Joe… er or in this case, Sasha!?   

Pezenik promptly followed rule #1 of the Twitter Mob Target handbook and quickly apologized via, well, tweet: 

“Last night I posted a tweet about Vice President Biden. The allegations in my tweet had not been vetted or put through the ABC News standards process. I have since removed the tweet and I apologize for posting it.”

As you probably guessed, this was not enough to extinguish the mob torches with many calling on ABC for Pezenik’s head. 

The tweet was in regards to a 2008 event Biden was said to have been to. Eva Murray, the niece of one-time Republican Senate hopeful Christine O’Donnell, said Biden made inappropriate comments towards her. To make matters worse, Murray says she was just 14 years old at the time of the incident.

*The organizer of the event provided evidence to prove Biden was not in attendance.

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