Having just celebrated its 40th birthday, CNN may look a little different than it did in 1980.  Perhaps there are less sideburns but much more “breaking news.”

Coming upon the halfway point of 2020, CNN is making headlines in more ways than its constructing of banners as well. 

CNN Chief Jeff Zucker
  • The practically daily battles with the President’s twitter as one of Trump’s most common and favorite targets 
  • The arrest of CNN reporter Omar Jimenez and his crew live on the air as Jimenez was covering the protests in Minneapolis 
  • Riots on their doorstep at CNN’s national headquarters in Atlanta 
  • And in perhaps the only avoidable example, Chairman Jeff Zucker‘s flippant remark that he’s my be contemplating a mayoral run in New York City after his contract runs out
Continuing to break the cardinal rule in news of not becoming the story, Zucker my be walking this one back. According to a person close to Zucker, the comments made to New York Times columnist Ben Smith were in jest and Zucker does not plan to run. 
Sweet joke Jeff. 

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