THANK YOU, 2021. LET’S GO 2022!

New year 2022 and old year 2021 on sandy beach with waves
It’s been 18 months since Reel Media took over NewsBlues and Medialine Talent.

We want to say THANK YOU for not only sticking with us but helping Newsblues grow again as a leader in the local news industry blog space.

Since we took over in June 2020, subscriptions have grown by 300% year to year. It’s a testament to our mission … bring news about the news in a way that elevates the industry and the people who make it go. And of course, a little gossip from time to time.

There are some changes coming to our combined sites this year.

As of December 31, 2021, MedialineTalent has been shut down. The longtime job bank has been merged with Newsblues. We will post TV job openings multiple times a week with the blog items.

We are working on boosting story count. This will include the traditional stories we post but also we’ll highlight journalists who are coming up through the industry more. Especially those killing it on social platforms like TikTok, Twitter and Instagram.

Lastly, our goal is to double the number of subscribers we had join us last year. In 2012, Newsblues peaked. There were more than 3,000 subscribers on the site. All of whom read the blog once a day. We want to get back there. If you have a friend, tell them to subscribe. Sure, there is a cost. But it goes towards the building back of the site and we appreciate the contribution. If it’s too expensive, split the subscription with a friend!

Thank you all so much for joining us this year. We look forward to 2022.

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