Imagine this.

A New York City anchor wearing the same dress two days in a row!

Sounds like it would never happen or would be a huge mistake. Maybe she got called in for breaking news or something??

In the case of WCBS anchor Jessica Moore, she did it on purpose this weekend.

Moore anchors the Saturday and Sunday morning shows from the CBS broadcast center on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. She wore a peachy-pink dress on Saturday morning and the same thing on Sunday.

In a conversation with Newsblues, Moore said the choice was very intentional.

“The short answer is I wanted to wear that dress again because I loved the color and it felt like spring. At first I dismissed the idea since I had just worn it on air the day before, and then I realized my whole thought process was skewed. Why not wear it again the next day? So what if I get an email or two asking why I repeated my outfit.

Truth is- most people don’t notice, but the ones who do are usually quite vocal about it. I’ve been on the receiving end of a few judgmental emails about my wardrobe choices over the years, as all news anchors have.

Bottom line for me: I’ve been in this business 15 years. I’m almost 40. It’s time to go with what feels right for me. Plus, it’s eco friendly to limit the amount of clothing you have and I think it sets a good example that clothes are a small part of the job, not the focus.”

There is more to this story then the outfit. As Moore put it, the job IS so much more than what you wear at the desk. And yes, clothes cost money!

We hope this inspires those who stress about these things to not sweat it as much. I’m sure bosses wouldn’t appreciate you wearing the same outfit day after day but it is important to have confidence in your craft. Outfits do not define you!

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