KREM morning anchor Tim Pham has decided to give back to younger journalists who are struggling financially to get by.

We reached out to the Spokane, Wash. anchor because we thought this was just really awesome. Here’s a snippet of our conversation with him.

1) We saw your Twitter post. Wow, what a cool idea! We know a lot of people can identify with small paychecks when they start how. What made you think to donate your ties?

I knew I wanted to be a journalist since 2001 during the 9/11 terror attacks. Watching the local news and journalists I trusted, helped me understand what was happening across the country and in the world. That was a catalyst for my desire to serve the community in a similar way. Over the years, many people have helped me in my career, from giving feedback to mentoring. It’s why when my collection of ties started to overflow at my desk, I decided it was time to giveback in a different way. The cost to outfit your wardrobe in this industry is not cheap, especially for the low pay we make. I don’t need 200 ties, in fact, I probably cycle through about 30 of them, so why not re-home the others to someone who could really use it.

2) Seems like you have so many ties! How many do you actually have?!

I have just shy of 200 ties and bow ties!

3) Tell us about the people who reached out? Were they all journalists?

The response has been incredible! My inbox is still dinging as I write this! In less than 2 hours I gave away most of the ties. Most are journalists in their first market or college grads applying for jobs now. The stories have meant the most to me. Many first market journalists sharing the real struggle of making pennies. I’ve heard from people at stations wanting to surprise their co-workers who know of reporters in need. I also received messages from people making career changes. Non-profits that give people with criminal records a second chance. Colleges who have closets with professional clothes. High school teachers who want to help students for the upcoming prom.

4) We saw you posted a picture from what looks like a segment on KREM about you giving back. Is it something they featured? Will it be ongoing or until you run out of ties!

No segment, yet… the response has been so great. I feel like this can turn into something special. I am working to figure out how I can keep this going forward. Others have asked how they can donate or do the same.

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