Commentary in sports is not uncommon. Whether it be on the radio or TV, local or national.

This weekend, NBC6 Miami sports reporter Ruthie Polinsky went viral with her two cents about Miami Dolphins player, Tua Tagovailoa, in a segment called Ruthie Reacts. Tua has made headlines for suffering a head injury in a game against the Buffalo Bills and quickly returning to the field. Five days later, he was sacked and fell to the ground. His hands and fingers froze and he was ushered off the field.

Fans, the industry and broadcasters were in an uproar. How could a player be allowed back in the game so quickly?

Polinsky, who covers the Miami Dolphins closely, gave her two cents about Tua, his injury and why the NFL got it wrong. Polinsky used her father as a source. Her father is a neurosurgeon.


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