A PAC founded by Ronald Reagan back in the 70’s is lining up to oppose the merger of Sinclair Broadcast Group with Tribune Media.

Citizens for the Republic has joined with the Coalition to Save Local Media, to save local media from the formation of a Sinclair monolith.

“Even in the most capable and responsible hands, Centralized power, in all its forms, breeds exploitation and is anti-conservative,” said Craig Shirley, chairman of Citizens for the Republic (CFTR).”Conservatives celebrate competition but this proposed merger would eliminate that. Local media news networks are some of the most trusted hard news sources in America. Permitting this merger would dramatically undermine this trust and fake news would spread like wildfire.”

Shirley must have seen some of Sinclair chief political analyst Boris Epshteyn’s must-run commentaries to draw that conclusion.

The coalition is a collection of strange bedfellows ranging from CFTR and One America News Network on the right to Common Cause and the United Church of Christ on the left, all united in the belief that what’s good for the Smith family is bad for America.

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