After the initial reports made it seem that Kimberly Guilfoyle’s departure from Fox News was due to a really swell opportunity to hook up with a Trump PAC and work even closer with her current boyfriend, Don, Jr., it now seems she was pushed.

And none too gently,

When the PR department’s announcement of the departure of a 12-year high profile employee is relegated to “Fox News has parted ways with Kimberly Guilfoyle,” that was not a happy parting.

She didn’t even get to say “goodbye” on the program she co-hosted, “The Five.”

Not that anyone really objected.

According to some reports, tensions between Guilfoyle and management had risen over the past year, with characterizations of her as a “management nightmare.”

The reason for Guilfoyle’s exit is being debated inside and outside the network.

Two sources briefed on the negotiations with Guilfoyle, which have been going on for several months, said that she is leaving in part for #MeToo issues, of all things.

Sources said Fox investigated her role in pressuring female colleagues to publicly defend Roger Ailes back in 2016 when the then-powerful network C.E.O. was fired for sexual harassment

She plans on hitting the campaign trail with Junior.

Can we get back a report when the duo run across Anthony Scaramucci, another TrumpWorld hanger-on with whom Guilfoyle had a brief fling before he decided to go back to his inexplicably-forgiving wife?.

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