Former KGO sportscaster Mike Shumann is letting a Facebook post do all the talking.

Shumann, who left the station in May after 24 years on the job, and one week after he was accused of stealing a jacket that belonged to a Golden State Warriors’ security official, had gone silent in the 10 weeks following his resignation.

Until Thursday night when he put up a lengthy Facebook post to tell his side of the story.
“As you may or may not know I back in April I was accused of taking a sweatshirt that was left from a Warriors morning practice session in San Antonio. After the team had gone I noticed someone had left their warm-up sweat shirt. I picked it up with the purpose of getting it back to its rightful owner. There was no intent of theft as I returned it that evening prior to the game and everything seemed to be fine.”

“The next day at practice I talked with players and the owner of the jacket, their head of security. I apologized for picking the hoodie up and creating this incident. I felt if I’d left it there someone else would take it and I would be back later that night for the game and would return it. No intent! The video made its way to social media and the story was published online. It went viral yet not one news outlet local or national tried to contact me for my side of the story.”

“The article was copy and pasted everywhere with several mistakes that had to be corrected by the Warriors PR staff. Because of the mob mentality on social media combined with the Warriors being the most popular team in all of sports, I was then convicted in a court of public opinion.”

“It was a surprise to hear that people thought I took the jacket for any purpose other than returning it to its owner.I hope that moving forward I can continue to demonstrate that this was a huge misunderstanding and I am a man of high moral character.”

“I had 25 untarnished years at ABC7 that proved just that. This has taken a huge toll on me,my family and my career. Thanks for all your support along the way and hope to see you soon.”

“Feel free to share this post.”

As of this writing, the post had been shared more than 220 times. Close to 600 people had reacted with emojis  of love and support.

Another 350-plus had left comments in support of Shumann.

Beyond the posting, he’s declined to comment further.

Last week, we brought you Bay-area blogger Rich Lieberman’s post in which he wrote that Shumann has a daughter in college and had to sell his house as the result of all this.

Lieberman’s most recent post on the matter:
“Almost the entire KGO newsroom is supportive of Shumann and believes he got the short end of the stick when he was fired.
There was no “resignation”–Shumann signed off on a deal under severe duress that would give him a modest severance because he was concerned about taking care of his family and his own well-being.
There was never a “resignation” which is why Shumann is consulting with lawyers.”

Billable hours loom.

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