Mark Clegg was a more-than-familiar face during his 12 years anchoring at Scripps KSHB in Kansas City.

He ended his 27-year tv news career back in 2014 and, by all accounts, he never looked back.

“You know, I don’t miss it, and for that I consider myself very fortunate. I was ready for something new that I could be passionate about again and something that would provide some work-life balance. TV news had also changed so much, and with all due respect to my friends still in that field, I just wasn’t getting to do the kinds of stories I cared about any more.”

A pretty familiar story, right?

So what is he doing now?

“I am Vice President of Corporate Communications for Hines, a global real estate investment firm based in Houston. We build state of the art projects all over the world. My position still deals with the media every day, just on the other side of the camera.”

And is life better after tv news?

“Better than ever! Our oldest son just graduated college and our youngest son just graduated high school and is headed off to college. These past four years have been a gift in being able to be present in their lives and celebrate each of their milestones and achievements. I’ve found that work-life balance that I was missing and it’s priceless.”

Yes, it can be an addictive business.

But once the addiction is treated, you’d be surprised at the quality of life ahead of you.

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