That’s what a veteran KGO staffer told Bay area blogger Rich Lieberman about rumors of morning anchor Natasha Zouves leaving the Bay Area and headed back to Southern California, possibly to San Diego, where she was before coming here to San Francisco.

Lieberman has been chronicling the misadventures of Zouves whose most recent tale has been about recovering from a fall on the newsroom set –she slipped and fell on some hair mousse a few weeks back and is recovering at home.

On some hair mousse.

Said a longtime staffer: “She’s a nice woman, a smart woman, but she hasn’t adapted to this station and to this area.”

The staffer was quick to point out that the latest brouhaha seems to be legitimately fluky and not to insinuate anything else but clearly, Zouves has battled several mysterious issues since arriving at KGO.

Mr. Lieberman is on it.

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