“The Today Show’s” Al Roker is not a restrained personality.

And he has always been quick with an ad lib – often far less than G-Rated.

So when Roker’s big-screen monitor started glitching during a weather segment on Thursday’s edition of “Today”, the reaction was in typical Roker fashion.

First he smacked the monitor, presumably to get its attention.

Then freaked out a bit.
“Gotta call Best Buy, huh?” he asked.

Take a look.

His ad libs in the past have gotten him into trouble.

Back when we were producing him locally in Cleveland, one night an unexpected snowstorm blew in off the lake.

In the back-and-forth after the weather forecast, the female co-anchor remarked “I couldn’t believe it. When I got home for  dinner, I had six inches in my driveway.”

Roker let a beat go by and answered, “Of snow, right?”

The control room barely got through the rest of the newscast.

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