Another one is missing from the News-Press and Gazette quadropoly (is that a thing?) in Yuma, AZ.

Sources told us that weathercaster Erika Caturay‘s bio has been scrubbed from the KYMA/KSWT/KECY/KESE website.

Sure enough, a blank page turned up when we searched the laboriously-named website, although there is a bio cached on the Interwebs.

That means the station has now lost a combined total of five on-air people in two months.

Reporter Melissa Aguilar just left for a TV job in Tucson.

Two other reporters, Esmeralda Cisneros and Fernanda Robles  were fired  for unethical conduct (impersonating translators at the CBP facility in Yuma).

Vanessa Dillon resigned after her arrest on domestic violence charges became public, the charges were later dropped.

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