Wonder however much you want at why Jeff Zucker manages to hold on to his job at CNN.

We’re even more gobsmacked at why Andrew Lack is still employed by NBCUniversal as chairman  of NBC News.

“The Daily Beast” dropped a bombshell over the weekend, alleging that Lack has a history of not acting decisively on allegations of sexual harassment.

This includes allegedly protecting a male executive who he had been told sexually harassed multiple women, doing so while he chairman and CEO of Sony BMG Music Entertainment in 2004.

According to former high-level Sony executives, the company discovered that a music executive named Charlie Walk had sent “sexual” messages via company email to female employees, including “graphic” pornography.

“I kept telling him: ‘You must do something about this. It’s imperative,’” one of the executives said. “Andy would turn a blind eye to making difficult decisions.”

At NBC, Lack and the company have come under fire several times in recent months – most notably, its spiking of Ronan Farrow’s stories which, when published by “The New Yorker,” caused the downfall of film industry creep Harvey Weinstein, helped launch the #MeToo movement, and brought Farrow a Pulitzer Prize.

Then there was the “Access Hollywood” tape in 2016 – you know, the “grab ‘em by the p****” tape the NBC News sat on while “The Washington Post” broke the story.

OK, Lack gets credit for dropping Matt Lauer in the wake of his serial improprieties, but there is a body of evidence that he’s rather turn a blind eye to stories that appear to make him uncomfortable.

Of course, the higher-ups have his back.
In a statement, NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke told “The Daily Beast” that Lack “has my complete support. We have worked together closely for over three years during which I have watched him oversee NBC News with great integrity, sound judgment and a focus on doing what’s right. I look forward to continuing to work with Andy and to his continued success as the leader of NBC News.”

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