We’re betting that newly-installed WSMV GM Rene LaSpina showed up for her first day of work at Knob Road in Nashville, TN with her sleeves already rolled up, ready to clean up the mess left behind by her predecessor.

Whether Dale Woods stepped down or was terminated is an open question.

What isn’t open is that the Meredith station has been deep in turmoil for well over a year, with three – count ‘em – three lawsuits hanging over it.

LaSpina has worked for more than two decades in television station management, leading stations in Buffalo, NY, Minneapolis, MN and Memphis, TN.

At WSMV, a priority will be to deal with those lawsuits by former news personalities – the most recent being one fired by former longtime anchor Demetria Kalodimos.

It will take a lot of work to restore the luster and the ratings of a one-time powerhouse station.

The station lost between 10 percent and 20 percent of its news viewers in the 12 months ending May 23.

In addition, the channel slipped from the No. 2 ranking it has had for years.

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