Oh, FFS, this is just out of hand.

CNN has hired yet another talking head, another politico-type who still has dreams of winning an election.

This time, it’s Andrew Gillum, the Democratic wunderkind who fell short in his race for the governor’s office in Florida last November.

On Twitter, he says he is THRILLED….

We wish we were.

This is CNN, not Fox. You have to bring facts to the conversation,” Gillum told his Republican Florida gubernatorial opponent Ron DeSantis on air, during a televised CNN debate back in October.

That soundbite became featured in a CNN promo ad captioned, “CNN — Facts First.”

And it probably secured him the job.

More reporters. Less gas.

BTW, CNN, you DO know Gillum still faces an ethics lawsuit, in which he is being accused of accepting gifts as a politician?

You do?

We feel so much better.

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