Last week we told you former CBS foreign correspondent and 60 minutes star Lara Logan had put her cards on the table calling out her mainstream media friends for learning towards the left.

“This is the kind of interview that is like professional suicide for me,” Lara Logan said on the Feb. 15 episode of the Mike Drop podcast, hosted by the conservative former Navy SEAL Mike Ritland.

A few days later it came out she had left CBS.

In the days since the podcast blew up, Logan said she’s been approached for work by mostly conservative media organizations but has not had discussions with Fox News or any other network — yet.

She pushed back on Hannity‘s suggestion when he made it, telling him she doesn’t want to be “owned” by any corporation.

“There are many [companies] I would work for but I’m not going to be something I’m not,” Logan told The Hollywood Reporter when asked about her professional opportunities. “I’m not going to pretend to be conservative so I can be the darling of the conservative media. I’m going to be who I am.”

You can read the entire Hollywood Reporter interview here.

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