Dallas-Ft. Worth’s first African-American tv news anchor signed off at the end of the book (and the week)

John McCaa said goodbye to the WFAA audience for the last time after 35 years at the station.

In his last “Uncut commentary for the station, which you can watch here, McCaa spoke some truths about how the business has evolved (or devolved) in the years since his career got underway.

“It is almost always better to observe, than to be observed. But that’s not easy in a world where they see adults, trading threats and insults in tweets and posts.

We in the media haven’t helped much, focusing on getting it first, rather than getting it right.

Social media showed promise: the one place – the one campfire – around which our diverse society could gather and identify some common ground. But that didn’t last.

We seem to be fraying at the edges.

Nothing to argue with there.


He started at the now-Tegna station back in 1984 as a Ft. Worth bureau reporter.

McCaa began his career  at WOWT in Omaha, NE.

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