Tonight at approximately 11:14 pm on TNT, Minneapolis reporter Jana Shortal will be featured as part of CNN’s Great Big Story’s “SHINE” series

Shortal, a very familiar face to Twin Cities viewers as a reporter for Tegna’s KARE, is the central focus of the short piece titled “How a News Anchor Broke the Unspoken Dress Code,” that focuses on the personal and professional conflict Shortal has faced during her TV career.

You don’t have to wait around for the piece to air – you can watch it here

Shortal told Great Big Story that the norms for women in the TV news industry were at odds with her identity and sexuality, and forced her to make compromises for the first 15 years of her career.

“As a girl growing up in the world, there was a code. And in this industry, at least this code was very easy to see and follow: pretty hair, perfect makeup, and their outfits look like they do in the magazines.”

She’s the exception that proves the rule.

Or the code, in this case.

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