A lot of broadcasters are taking their walking papers and rather than go the P-R route, are stepping right back into the spotlight with on-air podcasting these days.  

Former WFAA (ABC) anchors Ron Corning and Alexa Conomos have partnered with On-Air Media to launch Morning After with Ron and Alexa, a once-a-week show that debuts at 10 a.m. Central this morning.

Unlike network television, this show is “for mature audiences only,” Corning told The Dallas Morning News.

“Ron and I were always known for telling it like it is,” Conomos says of their time co-anchoring the morning show together on WFAA from 2014 to 2017. But with Morning After, which will air on Facebook, iTunes and all major podcast networks, “there are no boundaries,” she says.

The duo tackles the most pressing question within minutes of Episode 1: Why did Corning leave WFAA? Corning announced on March 11 that he planned to exit his job, and his departure came days after that. There was no “goodbye” segment — which Conomos got when she left the year before, as do most Dallas TV anchors.

Viewers were confused especially after the in-your-face years long media campaign from WFAA promoting Corning from Billboards to T-Shirts.

Corning is careful when he talks about the split, saying he “was ready to move on.” He says he’ll dish a little more on Morning After.

The trend for broadcasters, often ushered out of the H-R office for whatever reason to never be seen again, seems to be changing with podcasts.

A popular radio team, Ron and Don who had served time in Dallas, were recently blown out of their nest after many years at Seattle’s KIRO-FM.

They returned last week with an hour long show detailing “their final 11 minutes’ inside KIRO” with their own podcast.

Perhaps now, some of these broadcasters who were so breathlessly promoted by their stations over the years and then discharged like dishwater, will be able to do what they do best, stay in the public eye and maybe even make a nickel or two along the way.

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