Independent News Network, a division of Little Rock-based Media Gateway, has been snapped up by Waypoint Media, a media management company that owns and operates 18 television stations in five states, including Arkansas.

INN produces newscasts for local stations across the country and will be re-named NewsHub to more accurately (and, for some, ominously) reflect what it does.

Newly-hired Corporate Director of News Elden Hale will oversee the operation.

“We will continue to serve as a professional outsource that coordinates professional studio, production, on-air talent with local stations’ reporters,” says Hale, “Our ability to create customized newscasts as well as digital only platforms in this format is unmatched in local television.”

Which still begs the question of just how “local” can a “local newscast” be if the “local newscast” is produced hundreds of miles away.

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