It’s been a well kept secret since 2017 but ratemystation.com is making headlines as it’s review base grows.

27-year-old Valeria Sistrunk came up with the idea after working at a few stations. 

You can read about her experiences here.

She sounds like most of us, wide-eyed, can’t wait to hit the floor running out of college, only to find once there, the ‘future’ holds low pay, broken promises from wishy-washy managers and a whole lot of heartache.

So, she came up with a site that folks can anonymously contribute regarding the state of affairs in markets across the country.

Reading some of the reviews reminds me back to the early days when NewsBlues.com forged a path no one had done before with a cynical inside look in stations and taking a comical look on daily events.

Like anything, these reviews are probably wise to read before taking a job, but consider the source.

You never know if truth is being spewed or something else from an employee with a score to settle.

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