Bill Moller, a charter member of the news team at CLTV back when it signed on in 1992 and spent 14 years there as an anchor, is leaving the Windy City for Philadelphia.

Moller, who also anchored a business program for Weigel Broadcasting and sat behind the mic for two  Chicago radio stations, has recently been working as a writer and training coach for an international business consulting firm.

He’s leaving Chicago with some misgivings about the future of journalism that he shared with Robert Feder.
“I will miss the many professionals I’ve worked with as I leave an industry that is struggling to find its place in an accelerating digital age. My feelings about its future are unsettled. The media are no longer a universally recognized source of truth as people are turning to dubious and biased sources of information. Yet, an informed citizenry is the backbone of a democracy and I worry that the Constitutionally-protected profession of journalism is being fragmented, dismissed and maligned to the nation’s peril.”

You might call his departure bittersweet.

Aren’t they all?

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