Once again, a moron with a keyboard felt compelled to insult an on-air talent, this time targeting Lauren Linahan, morning meteorologist at Gray’s WTVM in Columbus, Ga

“Oh, and tell your female weather forecaster that we have seen all five of the same dresses. Enough,” wrote a 65-year-old woman. “How backyard can you get!”

Maybe as “backyard” as throwing down insults at people who are, in effect, total strangers.

Linahan shared the insult and then explained:
“Since there appears to be some confusion on this matter, I am the sole proprietor of my on-air wardrobe, I don’t have a stylist (lol) and no allocated wardrobe allowance,” she wrote. “Any dress you see me wearing on-air comes from my own hard-earned money or a generous gift from my family (thanks, Mom!).”

Watch the big words Lauren. They might confuse your Facebook correspondent.

And Linahan made a further point worth repeating and remembering.
“I rarely see criticism like this directed toward my male counterparts, who can get away with repeating suits much more frequently.”

No kidding.

The frequency of these vigorous responses by news personnel to bonehead viewers who delight in social media boorishness is becoming almost overwhelming.

We may have to limit ourselves to reporting on one a week from here on out.

Or not.

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