Last week, as the storm system that would later become Hurricane Barry formed in the Gulf of Mexico, the media hype was already beginning. The Weather Channel deployed a team of almost a dozen reporters to the Gulf Coast. The national newspapers and cable news networks led their coverage with reporting on potential devastation advancing toward the State of Louisiana.

 The local television stations decided to devote 24/7 coverage to the storm with breathless reporting of every update from the National Hurricane Center. Reporters were dispatched to areas around New Orleans ready to broadcast stories about rising water and storm damage.

What happened? The biggest excitement occurred when horses and cattle were rescued from flooding that occurred in Plaquemines Parish.

Overall, CNN meteorologist Dave Hennen stated the obvious when he concluded that Hurricane Barry was “a bit of an under-performer.” The winds were not as fierce as advertised, the rainfall was much less than what was forecast, and the storm surge did not meet expectations.

Our friends at the takes a closer look at what happened.

However, it was good training for the stations and the public as Hurricane season is just now ramping up.

Let’s just be glad we didn’t have another Katrina. Anytime a storm under performs that’s a win for everyone along the Gulf Coast.

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