And now a Friday 11 PM deadline looms between the CBS Stations Group and the folks at AT&T’s DirecTV, U-Verse and DirecTV Now.

A press release from CBS asserted that the company is negotiating “resolutely and in good faith.”

AT&T wants you customers to know it’s on your side and looking out for you.
“We are fighting on behalf of our customers in these negotiations with broadcast station owners and national networks,” the company maintained.

In the meantime, it will soon be two week since 120 Nexstar stations went dark on AT&T’s three services and there appears to be no end in sight as the third week of blackout is about to get underway.

Both companies claim they are negotiating in good faith *wink wink*, however last weekend’s failed attempt at negotiating didn’t stop them from continuing their war of words.

A plague on both their houses. Neither side is inclined to be honest with the folks who will eventually pay the price when they kiss and make up – the customers.

If you believe any of these corporations have your best interests in mind, we know of a Nigerian lawyer who would like to talk to you.

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