Last week we reported that Hubbard’s WDIO was advertising for a news director, which likely meant the departure of previous ND Steve Goodspeed.

What made the story interesting was that Goodspeed had been news director at the station for….27 years until his axing last month.

Let that sink in.

27 years.

How did such a long association end?

“I was told that the station did not think I was the person they needed to continue leading the news department forward, and they decided to make a change,” said Goodspeed. “I was surprised and disappointed, but I do understand the station has the right to make the decision. I’m not the first news director to lose their job and unfortunately I won’t be the last. It was a great blessing to be here for 27 years.”

Debra Messer, station GM says there’s nothing to talk about since Goodspeed is no longer at the station.


The next step for Goodspeed?

He’s keeping in touch through Twitter, but as for future plans…..it’s a work in progress.

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