The moment a Georgia reporter had her wig pulled of by a handsy lemur was captured on live TV.

WALB (NBC) Chief Meteorologist Yolanda Amadeo wasn’t expecting to have viewers in Southwest Georgia capture her hilarious hair malfunction while reporting Last week at the Georgia National Fair in Perry.

Amadeo was interviewing a representative from Eudora Farms Petting Zoo, when the pesky lemur jumped on her shoulder and tugged at the wig, pulling it off.

With her braids exposed and her arm tangled in the animal’s leash, Amadeo tries to fix her wig, but the lemur isn’t done yet.

The feisty primate decides to take another swipe at her hair and jumps onto her back.

Amadeo runs off camera to try and escape.

The man  can only smile as the lemur settles onto his back and hides behind his head.

There’s something about LIVE TV and Animals that nearly always results in blooper tape material.

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