A cyber attack that struck more than ten Cowles Media tv stations in Idaho, Montana  and Washington state continues to cripple newsroom operations.

The “very sophisticated” attack had journalists at the stations, which include KHQ in Spokane and KULR in Billings reading paper scripts and trying to figure out workarounds to get video on the air.

Patricia McRae, president of Cowles Montana Media and KHQ Inc., said that systems and software are integrated among all the TV stations.

The security breach occurred overnight Sunday, targeted the company’s technical software needed to prepare local newscasts across all stations owned by the television group.

The attack to the vital software has caused delays in video feedback and has limited the use of graphics, weather systems, and more.

The incident has been reported to the FBI and the unknown origin of the attack is under investigation.

McRae was careful to assure that no employee personal information was hacked in the attack.

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