Today is the last day that Sinclair news directors and producers have to deal with the marble-mouthed ‘must-run” commentaries of Administration publicist/Sinclair’s soon-to-be-former chief political analyst Boris Epshteyn and his faint liberal shadow Ameshia Cross, a Christmas gift, if ever there was one.

As we reported yesterday, Sinclair plans to take the north of $300K it was paying Epshteyn and whatever dollars they threw at Cross and devote them to shoring up “our local investigative journalism footprint in our daily newscasts. We are excited to dedicate more time in our newscasts to report on critical and relevant issues,”  according to Sinclair corporate news honcho Scott Livingston.

Which is something that should have been a priority at Sinclair’s nearly 200 tv stations from the get-go.

We have suspected all along that Epshteyn’s hiring was an attempt to curry favor with the current Administration as Sinclair embarked on its quest to acquire the Tribune tv stations.

But Sinclair’s machinations to make that acquisition happen were too much even for the industry-sycophant FCC and its bid failed.

Pretending to sell off stations in conflict markets to shell corporations (in one case owned by Sinclair executives’ family members) was just too much chutzpah to ignore.

Nexstar ran a much more straightforward campaign and added Tribune to its portfolio.

So, after a decent interval, Hunt Valley dumps a failed lobbying experiment and, on the surface, proposes to do the right thing.


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