We reported earlier this week that something was up at WINK in Ft. Myers, FL with the recent abrupt exit of anchor Bob Irzyk and the rumored exit of meteorologist Scott Zedeker.

The other shoe has dropped and Zedeker is officially an “unperson.”

The station wasted no time scrubbing Zedeker’s bio from the station website and deactivating his social media accounts.

But he did manage to get up a post before it disappeared.

This is probably one of the saddest posts I have ever had to post. .. For the last 17 years almost to the date, I’m sad to say I will no longer be working at WINK News. So what I got from management, is what we call in the biz “an offer you can refuse” it consisted of a roughly 30% pay cut and a drastic shift change .. I couldn’t accept it. .. the reason for this was my research was low, not moving up … my rebuttal to them, I haven’t been promoted or even mentioned outside a newscast. (A few pictures here and there) let’s just say I had no help. Maybe I wasn’t that good, but from the comments I got around town I thought I was doing a great job .. It doesn’t matter now, damage is done. I want to thank all of you here that may have watched me and enjoyed seeing me every evening on TV .. it was a great run. I will truly miss working aside.Jim Farrell, as we really made quite the “team”. I can’t express myself enough how I loved going into work and hanging out with him evening after evening. I will miss that, and most of all the rush and joy of live tv! Me and my awesome family will be staying in town. I will be Mr Mom for awhile until I figure out what our next move will be. We are so blessed that Juliana’s business is doing so well. Shameless plug, Bare Roots Salon and Apothecary, (see link below) is open for making you feel beautiful again. Check it out!! All proceeds go to the Zedeker kids .. I say little prayers often for some guidance, because right now my emotions are all over .. However, Juliana and I are excited about the next season and many more to follow. Once again thank you for having me in your living rooms SWFL and God bless you all.. Anyone hiring??

A business with a heart.

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