Well, that audition for The Show didn’t work out so well, did it?

We call it an audition because Trish Regan’s “impeachment rant” of a few weeks back sure seemed like she was trying to capture someone’s attention to move up from Fox Business to the main event at Fox News Channel.

Instead, she is out the door, spending “more time with family” (of course), pursuing “the next chapter” in her career and being thanked in boilerplate fashion by Fox for her years of service.

“Fox Business has parted ways with (your name here) Trish Regan – we thank her for her contributions to the network over the years and wish her continued success in her future endeavors,” said Fox Business in a statement. “We will continue our reduced live prime time schedule for the foreseeable future in an effort to allocate staff resources to continuous breaking news coverage on the Coronavirus crisis.”

Regan’s program was yanked after she contended in a March 9th commentary that the coronavirus thing was a cooked-up scheme by Democrats to once more impeach Mr. Trump.

So why Regan and why not Laura Ingraham, who spent quite some time encouraging us all to board airplanes even as the virus spread, Sean Hannity, who only converted to COVID-19 believer in the past week or so after calling it a hoax repeatedly.

Or serial virus skeptic Lou Dobbs, now self-quarantined because a staffer tested positive?



You DO know the tv biz, right?

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