KVUE news director Christina Ginn didn’t expect New York City weather to hit Austin, Texas when she first excepted the position. But alas, the winter weather hit and she quickly realized that being a news director is about more than managing news content.

In the thick of the historic winter freeze, Ginn found herself helping her team find food and survive the freezing temps so they could continue to turn around stories when viewers needed it the most.

“Today I’ve gotten food to a producer who hadn’t eaten in 2 days, food to a reporter whose entire family is quickly running out + talked to several of my reporters who haven’t been able to shower in 4 days because they have no water,” she wrote in a Tweet.

The journalists in Texas are suffering as bad as anyone there. We’ve seen photos of anchors heating snow to get water, warning water with a candle, assistant news directors praying snow will melt to flush toilets and pregnant anchors sleeping on couches in 44 degree temperatures.

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