There’s a comedian in who’s done a decent job of poking fun at news anchors and traffic reporters in a way that’s hilarious but not offensive.

His name on YouTube is John Crist. And in his most recent video he pretends he is KPRC traffic anchor Anavid Reyes.

He takes introductions and tags from actual newscasts. Crist titled this one Traffic Anchor Melts Down on Live TV.

He’s live, pretending to be Reyes (but obviously not) live on the street talking about well, not traffic. Crist isn’t shooting these videos in Texas. He refers to the Interstate I-24 so it’s likely being shot in Tennessee near Nashville.

Anyway, go ahead and watch this. He copied the station mic flag and also a vest. It’s worth just seeing if you think it’s funny. He has a few of these videos.

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