Acting on the assumption that you can never have too much of a good thing – which, of course, requires that you regard “Good Day” as a good thing, Fox O&O KDFW in Dallas is bumping “Live with Kelly and Ryan” to 10 AM so it can add still another hour to it’s top-rated “Good Day.”

Starting in September, “Good Day” will run from 4 am until 10 am.

It was only last month that the station pushed back the programs start time to 4 AM, tacking on an extra half-hour.

Now this.

According to Dallas media blogger Uncle Barky, the “Good Day” team of anchors Tim Ryan and Lauren Przybyl, meteorologist Evan Andrews and traffic reporter Chip Waggoner will “be joined by additional on-air and off-air personnel.”

We can only hope.

A daily six-hour block is a rather punishing tour of duty for even the most starry-eyed tv news wanna-be.

One possible solution evidently being tossed around is to have Ryan and Przybyl start their days perhaps one hour later while ending them a full hour later.

Those “additional personnel” to which vice president/news director Robin Whitmeyer referred will likely take up the earlier hours slack.

It’s still five hours daily.

More chair cushions and more water.

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