To paraphrase a reporter we once worked with, “I-it’s called “immersive mixed reality” and here’s how it works.”

The Weather Channel on Wednesday used it to demonstrate the power of a tornado – by wiping out its own studio.

As you might expect, Jim Cantore was in the center of the action which started off placidly enough but soon devolved into a realtime simulation of tornado hell.

An approaching funnel cloud caused a power line and pole to “crash’ onto the studio floor, which was Cantore’s cue to deliver some safety tips.


From there, viewers saw an old clawfoot tub appear – a safety refuge in the event of a hurricane.

In flew a car, and then, the studio itself was “virtually destroyed,”

Cantore, like the Energizer Bunny, just kept going.

Throughout the entire segment, audio effects including tornado sirens, wind effects, crashes and emergency sirens play in the background.

Watch the fun here.

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