Just days after a published report detailing connections between Chicago radio host Maze Jackson (on the left) and a political consultant working for the Bruce Rauner’s re-election, Jackson’s co-host, former WLS political reporter Charles Thomas, (on the right) quit.

Republican Rauner recently appeared on Jackson’s WVON morning show, where he declared: “We’ve done historic things for the black community. I would argue more than any other governor.”

Thomas insists his reasons for quitting a program he only joined in April of 2017 are related more to the difficult hours of morning drive than Jackson’s connection to political consultant Chauncey Colquitt.
“When I retired [from ABC 7], I did not envision getting up at 3 o’clock in the morning every day and then having to go to bed every night at 7 or 8 o’clock. So it’s a good thing for me.”

Thomas won’t comment on the Jackson-Colquitt-Rauner connection.


Apart from recently being hired by Rauner’s re-election campaign, Colquitt’s other job was to secure guests for Jackson’s morning program, according to the published report in “Politico Illinois.


That’s a claim hotly denied by Jackson through….yep, you guessed it…Facebook.

“Chauncey Colquitt does not have a job and never had the job of booking guests for WVON. As many community and PR people do, Chauncey HAS scheduled HIS clients on the show. Additionally he is a 30-year friend and fraternity brother. He has worked with and for me on campaigns for 20-plus years. He is family . . . I would help him until it hurt me.”

We’ll say that Thomas did what he needed to do and handled it with class.

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