A Chicago viewer with far too much time on his hands recently wrote to Tribune’s WGN demanding that anchors stop thanking reporters who are live in the field after they finish.

The morning crew had some fun with it, offering a mashup of reporters signing off and the word “thank” edited out of the anchor response to some double entendre effect

Which, we think, was actually the anchor’s message to the viewer.

But the viewer’s obvious distress got us thinking – if not “thank you”, then what?

“Andre, you went 30 seconds long.”

“Ashley, your hair looks lovely.”

“Maria, where did you learn to write?”

“Daniel, that was boring.”

“Ed, you’re getting too old for this….”

On the other hand, we wonder if Nic, the distressed viewer, has been traumatized by a lack of gratitude in his life.

Anyway Nic, “***** you” for the wonderful email and your thoughts.

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