If you happened to see the local coverage Sunday of the shooting in Jacksonville Florida and thought half of it all looked the same, that’s cause it did.

WJAX-TV (CBS) and WFOX-TV (FOX) had the same aerials and interviews except with a minor difference in supers and of course Anchors.

Why you ask?

Because Cox owns both and decided to go wall-to-wall on both rather than run a school closing type ticker on one station mentioning what was happening on its sister station.

Instead, only the scheduled CBS Golf Tournament was putted to the MyTV Channel to keep the golfers happy but if you wanted to watch Football on WFOX, it was game over.

Sure you can say its their duty to inform the public and Cox did with excellent coverage but don’t you know the Assignment Desk was going crazy not only digging out information to feed the live beast but also taking angry calls from “Joe Six Pack” wondering where the Golf Tournament was or better yet, “Why is this on, save it for the newscasts.”

The Desks at both shops should be given medals along with engineering for turning lemons into lemonade.

Our hearts go out to the victims and families.




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