Way back last summer, when the FCC decided to shunt the proposed Sinclair-Tribune merger deal off to an administrative judge, it was widely reported (including here) that the move effectively killed the deal.

The deal is certainly dead – killed by Tribune’s withdrawal on the deadline day that the deal had to be completed by.

Lawsuits ensued and are still pending.

So is any action by the administrative judge.

Ten weeks later, the FCC’s judge still has not made an official ruling on a holding a hearing for an already-dead deal

The judge, the only one the FCC has, evidently has a lot on his plate.

The FCC’s Enforcement Bureau said it was OK with the hearing being cancelled, given that Sinclair withdrew the merger after it was designated for a hearing.
That is typically a death knell for such transactions, given how long that process can take — sometimes a year or longer.

But if the hearing is not going to be cancelled, a schedule was supposed to have been published by now, according to the designation order.

C’mon, your honor, the suspense is killing us.

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