Sinclair Broadcast Group has not given up on its dream of becoming the biggest media group in the land.

It’s looking at cable sports (see the next story) and it still is casting a covetous eye on Tribune Media.

But it seems that as Sinclair goes looking for a partner to help in its quest, no one wants to play with the kids from Hunt Valley, MD.

It just might be that when the FCC finally put the kibosh on the Sinclair-Trib deal last summer, the commission sent up a warning signal to equity players.

The FCC had serious concerns about Sinclair’s transparency and private equity groups are shy about that sort of thing.

Just as Sinclair is shy about responding to requests for comment for this story.

Sinclair this week did trumpet its brand-new partnership with Scott Rasmussen, publisher of leading pollster and analyst site

The partnership plans to produce weekly polls and stories on “trending topics.”

Our caveat here is that Rasmussen’s polling methodology, when we last checked, relied heavily on calling potential respondents on their home landlines.

Which in turn, skews the sampling toward older respondents.

Which, in turn, skews the results, often making Rasmussen an outlier when it comes to polling – in this case, “outlier” being a synonym for “wrong.”

Just sayin’

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