If we were expecting CNN correspondent Jim Acosta to suddenly turn deferential after the lifting of his press credential temporarily a few weeks back….

Well, really we weren’t. Acosta’s combative style is his brand.

His schtick.

What was surprising is that at the first White House press briefing held by Sarah Sanders in a month, Acosta was called on.

He didn’t disappoint:
ACOSTA: The President doesn’t believe the warnings in the climate report. The President doesn’t believe the CIA when it comes to Jamal Khashoggi. The President doesn’t believe…

SANDERS: That’s not accurate.

ACOSTA: …the intelligence community when it comes to Russia meddling. Why doesn’t he have faith in his advisers?

In what appeared to be a breaching of the “new rules of decorum” at the briefings, Acosta got in a question on the legal woes of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, and a trio of follow ups.

And Sanders didn’t take the bait.

Be honest.

If there wasn’t one obnoxious reporter in the press gallery asking questions in a confrontational manner, this White House would have to invent one.

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