Maybe it’s because viewers require the visual stimulation.

Maybe it’s because they need the direction that many anchors helpfully dish out:

“Look at this video!”

“You have to see this to believe this!”

“Watch this story dammit!” (We’ve never actually heard these exact words, but sometimes we get it in the tone of the anchor.

Or maybe it’s just the hypnotizing and comforting effect of “The Glass Teat” as author Harlan Ellison famously referred to our infatuation with television.

Whatever the reason, a Pew survey tells us that viewers still prefer to get their news from television.

Better than reading it, right?

Better than listening to it on the radio.

The report finds that nearly half of Americans surveyed (47%) prefer watching the news, while 34% prefer reading it and 19% prefer listening.

Television remains the news source of choice for Americans, a reality that’s largely unchanged from a year earlier.
Of that 47%, three quarters preferred to watch it on TV, which includes cable, network and local news, while only 20% preferred the Web.

Says a lot about all that work that local tv stations put into their internet efforts, doesn’t it?

In the key 18-49 demo, TV was the favorite of 61%, while 34% picked online.

The comparable figures for 50-plus were 86% TV and only 10% online.

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