The Harlem Globetrotters will once again make an annual appearance in Milwaukee on New Year’s Eve with perhaps a new Globetrotter?

WTMJ  (NBC) reporter Shaun Gallagher is quickly becoming a viral sensation after perfectly executing a trick shot during a live filming from the Bucks training facility across the street from newly constructed Fiserv Forum.

Gallagher, who was at the venue with Globetrotters member “El Gato” to celebrate “World Trick Shot Day,” tossed a ball from midcourt behind his back and through the hoop.

“I’m done working at TMJ 4,” Gallagher said before dropping the mic by exiting out of the facility doors. “I am working for the Globetrotters now. We are done. How’s it feel to have a new teammate, my man?”

The reaction of TMJ4 anchors Vince Vitrano and Susan Kim might just be the best part.

Ah, live news at its best. Great shot Shaun!

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