We still can’t get over boneheaded viewers who think they’ve got something useful to say when they try to body shame on-air talent.

And it’s especially outrageous when the person they are attempting to body shame with their  slack-jawed comments are pregnant.

As in the case of first-time mother-to-be Erica Simon, weekend anchor at Disney’s KTRK in Houston.

Back in December she wrote after the social media bullying showed no signs of abating:
“Some of the viewer comments about my pregnancy are starting to get annoying. Yes, I’m aware I’m petite so the sudden packing on of pounds is a startling sight. No, I’m not having twins and no I’m not due any day. I’ll update you as I go, but chill.”

Chill, indeed.

The tide has turned for the first-time mommy with an outpouring of support from both viewers and other news people across the nation.

And the experience has taught Simon the lesson already learned by other folks subjected to the same boorish attitudes.
“A child is a blessing from God. No need to ever feel shame! Ignore tactless people. My support outweighs the knuckleheads.”

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