Will this ever stop?

Recycling politicians – particularly failed and second-chance-seeking politicians-  is becoming an all-too-familiar ploy of the 24/7 cable networks in their desperate effects to fill up airtime with anything but substantive reporting.

The latest to join the bloviating ranks of CNN – former Ohio Governor John Kasich, who has even signed up with UTA to “navigate the next phase of his public and private life,” as the talent agency described it.

Kasich debuted last night on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time.”

As for the “next phase of his public and private life,”, we won’t rule out a 2020 primary challenge of the incumbent – because we seem to be drifting into pulling our national leaders from Central Casting.

Thanks, CNN for helping his campaign.

And thanks, too, to MSNBC for rescuing former Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill from a fate worth than death to any politician – obscurity.

She emerges from the ashes of her failed re-election bid as still another talking head.

Judging from her post-defeat public pronouncements, she will ably represent the “sore loser” wing of the Democratic  Party during the Beltway salon that is “Morning Joe.”

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