We once heard of a news director who used a Razor scooter to navigate around the newsroom and the station.

We knew another one who let off steam by occasionally tossing wastebaskets around the newsroom.

And then there is the Lou Grant-like affectation of keeping a bottle of whiskey in a desk drawer – which is more urban legend than fact.

We think.

But dancing?

That’s a new one….but one that evidently works for Moana Ramirez, news director at Univision’s KWEX in San Antonio, TX aka “The Dancing Jefa” at her station.

“I was a trained dancer so it just really transitions into my management style and the style we live here at Univision is very fun, but we also need to work so having these moments to relieve stress really helps,” Ramirez.

22 years in the tv news business requires SOME kind of stress relief.

Check it out.

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